The Queen of Dragons - Shasta Lake

5044 Shasta Dam Blvd, Shasta Lake, California, 96019, USA
(530) 276-9771
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Open everyday from 10AM to 8PM

Home of the Shasta County Monsters
{14-18 feet tall MM}
The Land Of Purp's and the Supreme Dank-a-licious Strains of Medicinal Marijuana..
.*.. Mount Shasta Aliens ...
the Lemurians....*.

We provide Discreet Delivery Service to our Selective Members, And those that help patients that are in real need of The Best of the Best.. economically, as we are direct

If you are interested in the service we provide, Please fill out the Membership Information Form on this website, with your CA. DL & Physician recommendation & or DHS ID & return it


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Photo Comments

Hey, plants taller than the stack of bills, now that is something!
Today is the Harvest Moon festival, so I did. This is a Auto Assassin Plant grown from seed at 9 weeks from germination. Its just over 2 feet tall and ...
dud that is one of the dud i dont know how to feel about this pic dud it is one of the dankest pix i have ever seen and yet it makes me feel so piss ...